Farmers’ Commission report emphasized the promotion of agri-preneurship through income generation activities in the rural areas through appropriate technologies. The institutional functionality of agricultural technology product system created in the country needs essential transformation to enable them to generate rural employment generation through appropriate technologies and capacity development of potential entrepreneurs.

Identification of appropriate technology, potential entrepreneurs and capacity development process based on national occupation standards are the basic requirements of imparting knowledge, skill and business operating guidance. Recognition of personality traits, pre learning level and measuring the aptitude and attitude are some of the essential components of  capacity development programmes.

Identification and selection of right project, product and  business plan formulation are the other side of the coin in starting a profitable rural enterprise. Keeping in view of the present day market dynamics and challenges it is essential to prepare the potential rural youth to successful entrepreneur. Practicality of the approach, technological and methodological backstopping are some of the essentials in the business development process required from the technology developers for the startups.