Process to prepare ready to serve sugarcane juice ICAR- Sugarcane Breeding Institute has developed a process to prepare ready to serve sugarcane juice having longer shelf life (up to three months). Sugarcane juice contains 18-20% solids and the juice obtained from it is a popular beverage. This natural product is highly beneficial for the health of the consumers. Raw sugarcane juice is a carbohydrate-rich, low acid food (about pH 5.0) and is susceptible to the growth of moulds, yeasts, spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. Freshly crushed juice ferment very quickly and cannot be preserved even for a few hours. Its colour changes to greyish or brownish very quickly.

Major problem is the lack of hygiene during crushing operation which results in the contamination of the juice with a heavy load of micro-organisms. So, there was a great need for standard protocols for the preparation of long-term shelf stable ready-to-drink sugarcane juice. There are two methods by which juice can be preserved and bottled in either glass or plastic bottles. Juice properties are same as in fresh sugarcane juice. Preserved juice is ready to serve so it can be consumed at any time. Sugarcane juice has many health benefits due to its high nutritional value. Processing cost is low. Hence, it is an easy replacement of soft drink and other sugar added juice. Bottling of juice is important as it ensures availability of good quality of sugarcane juice throughout the year..

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